Listing Services

Listing Services

Dream House Real Estate only lists quality homes that we would recommend to family and other loved ones. 

Listing your home with Dream House Real Estate sends a message to buyers that your home has already been vetted and any known issues have already been dealt with, or disclosed. In the case of disclosure, Dream House Real Estate will provide a renovation plan and price tag for prospective buyers, to remove any mystery, help them plan a budget and encourage fair offers.

Dream House Real Estate approaches the listing process as a fun and rewarding opportunity for you to showcase your home and its potential to an audience of prospective homebuyers. By putting your best foot forward, your home will generate competitive interest, and avoid negative speculations; which will, ultimately, drive up value.


Dream House Listing Process

Meet a Dream House Real Estate agent at your property for a proper introduction and to discuss the selling process. At this meeting, the agent will also measure your house and gather property information, for pricing and marketing purposes.

 Order pre-listing inspections, if appropriate.

 The agent will complete a pre-marketing checklist, which will include suggestions for repairs, upgrades and/or staging to help you sell your property as quickly, and for as much money, as possible.

 Within a week of the first meeting, the agent will present the aforementioned pre-marketing checklist and a table of pricing options. The suggested asking prices will be based on comparable sales and the current condition of your property, and will trend upwards with the number of pre-marketing checklist items you agree to complete. Once the pre-marketing checklist and asking price is set, the listing agreement and property disclosures will be signed. 

 Your agent will refer you to Dream House Real Estate's Preferred Affiliates for completing your pre-marketing checklist. 

 For those items on the original pre-marketing checklist that you do not agree to complete, your agent will create a renovation plan, with estimates, for prospective buyers. This will help buyers define the scope of potential renovations, help them plan a budget and encourage fair offers.

Before officially listing your property on the REALTORS® Multiple Listing Service, your agent will complete the following prep work: make key copies; gather utilities history; pull deeds, covenants and any other recorded documents relating to your property; take interior and exterior photographs; take and edit aerial photographs and video; create a marketing description for your property; draw a floor plan of your house; create flyers; install a sign, lockbox and flyer box on your property; and add your listing to the Dream House Real Estate Web site. This prep work will take about one week to complete; but can be accelerated in special cases.

 On the marketing date of the contract, your property will be listed on the MLS, Realtor, Trulia and Zillow. It will simultaneously be added to Centralized Showing Service, which will schedule showings based upon your availability.

Dream House Real Estate will continue to market your property by various means, including, but not limited to: listing your property on Facebook; sending a blast e-mail to all area REALTORS®; hosting a public Open House; and hosting an Open House for REALTORS®.

When an interested party submits an offer, we will negotiate on your behalf until we have a solid contract, with terms that are right for you.

➵ Dream House Real Estate will try to make the closing process run as smoothly as possible. The pre-marketing checklist should prevent most, if not all, repair requests from the buyer. We will coordinate with the buyer's agent and attorney to make sure that the buyer's due diligence is progressing on schedule and will negotiate any requests from the buyer, should they arise.



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