Mission + Culture

Mission + Culture

A person's home is everything. It is a concept that defines, a feeling that comforts, and, sometimes, a seemingly elusive destination.

Dream House Real Estate operates under the premise that it is our responsibility to handle the strategic considerations of your journey home. We build close and confidential, lifelong relationships with our clients, and help them as they transition from one phase in life to another. 

As an independent real-estate company, Dream House Real Estate creates unique five-star experiences for each of our individual clients. At the beginning of our relationship, we will establish a client profile, based on your specific needs and wants, and map out and agree upon short and long-term plans that will help you realize your best future. We handle all of the research and are thorough planners and communicators, so that the process of selling and buying real estate becomes calm, cool and fun.

Dream House Real Estate also hopes to play a role in the preservation, restoration and creation of healthy, updated homes and neighborhoods. We think of homes as living structures, which must be built and maintained in certain ways to maximize their longterm sustainability, as well as the health of their inhabitants. By setting high standards, we hope to increase the value and longevity of properties within our communities. It is our belief that as housing improves we will see a proportional improvement in community health.

Home is the embodiment of the American Dream of “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” Home is a self-fulfilling prophecy, in that one must have a safe place to live in order to be productive. Dream House Real Estate launched the Real-Relief Program to help make sure that more people are able to pursue the American Dream, by finding safe, stable housing for those in need.





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